1 Ethanol Sensor & 2 Connecting Items

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Andrew Barley

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This is probably a very simple question for you all but I am fairly new to electronics. After decades of avoiding it at all costs I am now digging down this very deep rabbit hole and enjoying it greatly. So my question involves 1 ethanol sensor on my fuel line. Now I have 2 different items needing to read the data from that 1 sensor. The first item is a 4 in 1 gauge that displays the ethanol content and temperature from the ethanol sensor. Here is the gauge and sensor: Link:http://www.innovatemotorsports.com/products/ecf1.php

While the other items needing to read that entanol sensor is a Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Kit: https://www.delicioustuning.com/flexfuel

FlexFuel system determines the content ratio between gasoline and ethanol content in the fuel. It then sends a signal to the ECU which dynamically computes the correct air/fuel ratios, ignition timing values, boost levels, cam angles, traction control and more based on the ethanol content.

So now I have two connectors which look like this:

Wanting to share that sensor.

My question being how would I go about this in the proper way? Am I overthinking it and shold I just make a "Y" by joining the wires and using one of the connectors? Or is another proper way needed. Its just power, ground and data I was told with the wires,

Thanks a lot for your help and I am so happy I found this forum. Please excuse my n00bness in the electrical world.


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You are not overthinking it, you are under-thinking it.

There are three connections to the sensor, power, ground and data. That must mean that the data is digital unless it is a single parameter which means it could be analog. The display module has to recognize the data format transmitted by the sensor. If all modules involved recognize the same data format then yes, you simply tie the lines in parallel. If not, you are stuck.


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I don't recommend two units sharing a common sensor, unless all the items come as a complete package.
Sensors are usually designed and calibrated to operate a single receiver. Adding a second receiver, especially one of a different brand is likely to degrade the accuracy of the information.

The ECF1 gauge has four analogue outputs. Can these be used to drive the Flex Fuel Kit?

My best advice would be to contact Delicious Tuning for their advice.
My guess is that they will advise to use their sensor.