1. Gemmy101

    ATX power Supply - Broken Zener Diode

    Hey All, I have old ATX PS and I am trying to fix it and then will convert it to bench PS. after checking the PS, I found a broken Zener (or exploded) next to a broken resistor. I can guess the resistor value as it is not completely damaged, but the Zener is coming our in pieces and need your...
  2. Electronic_Maniac

    Identify the Maximum Voltage that can be applied across Zener, MOSFET and Transistor

    In many Zener Diode datasheets, I have witnessed that in the Absolute Maximum Ratings section, they don't include the "Maximum Voltage" that can be applied to the Zener diode. If the applied voltage crosses the Zener breakdown voltage, then the voltage will start to conduct and will enter in the...
  3. L

    Dual supply from single 0v-24v input with zeners

    I see some circuit exemples using oscilators (555 and 74HC14), and some others using isolated supplies or the ICL7660 IC. But all of them have the same problem, current. After some search on youtube, i come to THIS VIDEO , where Wagner uses this circuit: Using the simulations, it works...