wheatstone bridge

  1. B

    Redeveloping Weigh Scale System

    Hello, I am a student trying to help my Formula team replace our broken SWI intercomp portable weigh scale system via general learned electrical engineering. The main board of the system went to hell but I still have healthy access to the weigh plates and the female port associated with the 4...
  2. Wybe

    Thermal mass flow sensor - response time - circuit improvement

    Hello everyone, I am currently working/struggling to get a thermal mass flow sensor (IST FS7) to behave like intended, regarding the response time. The sensors datasheet states that is has response time of t66% = 200 ms going from a low air velocity to a higher air velocity. I have build the...
  3. J

    Solution for a resistive circuit

    Hello. I am studying electronics and I came across a question that I am not able to resolve. The question asks for the value of resistance R so that the 5 Ω resistor (R5) in the circuit is subjected to a potential difference of 5 V. The circuit mentioned is in the following figure. I really...
  4. E

    What is the best way to make load cells & HX711 amplifiers useable for reversible prototyping (no/little soldering)?

    I'm using 4 x 50kg load cells and an Arduino Uno R3 for an interactive music project where a dancer will perform on top of a stage with each sensor under the corners of a board 'stage'. I need to monitor each cell individually as these values will be sent to Max/MSP (an object-based coding...
  5. T

    Excitation of Wheat-Stone Bridge Measurement With Multi-channel ADC

    Hello, I'm currently working on a project, where I want to measure force using strain gauges. The strain gauges are configured in four point Wheatstone bridges. I'm using a four channel ADC. On each channel I feed in the amplified differential output voltage of a Wheatstone bridge. My question...