voltage sensing

  1. Younes Thabet

    what is the purpose of opamps in high voltage sensing?

    Hello all, I have an inverter stage that I need to monitor its output voltage, a friend suggested the circuit below but I didn't understand how it works and why he chooses these values in particular. What circuit do the opamps form? What would the output look like? What is the purpose of the...
  2. M

    Isolated Voltage and Current measurement fed back to a Microcontroller

    Hi. I was wondering if someone has ever constructed a Switch Mode Power Supply using isolated voltage and current sensors connected to a Microcontroller. If so: What device (Voltage/Current) have you used and using what protocol ( i2C / SPI etc ) ? What sampling rate could be achieved ( 200kHz+...
  3. C01000110010011110101100

    Voltage sensing circuit to trigger blinking led

    I need a circuit to flash an LED. The battery is 3.6v 1A, this powers a fairly dim 2.5v micro LED (probably a very low current), I don't think this alone could power a flashing LED circuit, so I want to piggyback off of this LED to trigger the circuit to flash a 3.6v LED. So I'll have a 3.6v...