voltage drop

  1. KasRAW

    How to avoide voltage drop on wiring my LED strips?

    Hello Let me start by mentioning that I have little knowledge in this field. LEDs I have: 12v 1Meter Rigid Double-row 3pin LED strips with 1.8A total draw (0.9A each row). For some reason, they have massive voltage drop. With 12v input they measure 10.5v at the end of 1 meter and the lights...
  2. R

    Why would an underground conductor experience a voltage drop?

    Hello I'm a student and I have conducted an experiment where I buried a wire underground. Since there are many underground conductors in Seoul(where I live), I've always thought whether metal substances from the earth would effect the conductor's transmission. If the magnetic fields of the...
  3. M

    Struggling to understand bizarre voltage drop on parallel relay circuit.

    Please bear with me as I am a circuit-design newbie. I'm obviously misunderstanding something basic and will kick myself when you explain it to me. I have gotten the bug to do some electromechanical computing circuits using relays. I was warned that "that way lies madness" but like a fool I...