voltage drop

  1. HaKDMoDz™

    What is electrical component is needed to reduce the output voltage from 24vac down to 6vac

    Hello All, I have a wall adapter that outputs 24v AC and a small motor that requires 6v AC what resistor value is required for this voltage, please? Are resistors the same for AC as DC?
  2. KasRAW

    How to avoide voltage drop on wiring my LED strips?

    Hello Let me start by mentioning that I have little knowledge in this field. LEDs I have: 12v 1Meter Rigid Double-row 3pin LED strips with 1.8A total draw (0.9A each row). For some reason, they have massive voltage drop. With 12v input they measure 10.5v at the end of 1 meter and the lights...
  3. R

    Why would an underground conductor experience a voltage drop?

    Hello I'm a student and I have conducted an experiment where I buried a wire underground. Since there are many underground conductors in Seoul(where I live), I've always thought whether metal substances from the earth would effect the conductor's transmission. If the magnetic fields of the...
  4. M

    Struggling to understand bizarre voltage drop on parallel relay circuit.

    Please bear with me as I am a circuit-design newbie. I'm obviously misunderstanding something basic and will kick myself when you explain it to me. I have gotten the bug to do some electromechanical computing circuits using relays. I was warned that "that way lies madness" but like a fool I...