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    Building an Analog RGB to YPbPr Converter

    (Today is National Retro Day) I'm adding HDMI output to my vintage Atari 800XL 8bit computer to project it on my large TV. I'm a novice. I've built a circuit for "High Speed Analog RGB to YPbPr Converter" using an LT6559 & LT1395 to "map RGB signals to YPbPr". It doesn't seem to work and it...
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    Converting Thunderbolt 2 to USB C

    Hi, First post on this forum, so forgive if i'm not familiar with some of the do's and dont's. I have a Thunderbolt 2 to VGA connector which I wanted to convert to USB type C. I've very crassly sliced the connector open without thinking, which has led me to discover that both these structures...