1. C

    Where to buy cable suitable for USB connections.

    USB was intended to be a universal data connection protocol and hardware standard, and has been passably successful in so becoming. However, the more I see of USB C the less I like it, especially solely as a power connection for SBCs such as Rpi. It's like using a steam-shovel to hammer a nail...
  2. M

    Read data from USB devices

    Hello, I have received a infrared multi-touch frame (Nexio HID Multi-Touch ATI0320-10) where my boss asked me to check if I can make a program that count the number of times I interact with the frame (everytime an object enters the grid). I need to display the amount of times I interacted with...
  3. VictorG

    Help me identify this cable and connector..Thank you in advance...

    Hi: I need to identify this cable and 12-pin connector... Thank you V.G.