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    USB-C Breakout, power but no data

    Hi everyone, I need some help figuring out the usb-c connection, i changed the (mobile 2in1) usb cable for the Revopoint pop2 3dscanner so that it also delivers power to the phone/tablet. (It's a split cable, usb-a from a power source to a micro-b SS plugged into the scanner, and a split from...
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    Need help finding right parts to power 3.7V 8000mAh battery to charge via USB-C + output DC 12V

    I am trying to power an Odroid C4 board right now. Part: 1. Using a 3.7v 8000mAh Lithium battery (https://www.amazon.com/8000mAh-7565121-Battery-Rechargeable-Connector/dp/B07S84TSFH) Expect: 1. Need to be able to charge the battery using USB-C 2. It needs to output DC 12 V to connect to...
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    USB-PD board to transform "regular" DC power supply to USB-PD

    Hello folks. Am looking for a Board which will add USB-PD (100W) to my existing DC power supply/battery bank (12-24V voltage), capable of handling 100+W. In the "old days" I would just use buck/boost modules for various needs, but have no clue what to search if I want an USB-PD (USB-C)-port...