1. Y

    Building an ultrasonic underwater flash (strobe) trigger

    I have used underwater camera set ups with both fiber optic cables and wires to trigger the external flashes (strobes), but I'd like to build a wireless rig. I realize that radio is probably out, but what about using an ultrasonic system? I have not found anyone who has done this and really...
  2. Yonatan Haroonian

    Ultrasonic Cleaner 500 watt

    I am making an ultrasonic transducer cleaning circuit. Please guide me on how to make it as I am not an expert in electronics but have some skill in it. It has to be a few hundred watts in power, say 500 watts. Here is my idea: As a power source I am using a variac rated at 2000 watts. It is...
  3. C

    Ultrasonic sensing

    Hi all, I am working on an ultrasonic sensor for occupancy sensing. This device would drive an LED based on movement, and I was wondering if detection could be achieved the following way Where the sensors and the moving person lie in opposite sides of the wall, and the ultrasonic waves would...