ultrasonic sensor

  1. saboteur

    Ultrasonic sensor - problem with distance measurement

    Hello Here I am again with the car, but now there is no problem with control :). I just added an ultrasonic sensor to the front of the car, with the fact that if the distance is less than 20 cm, it should stop. When the car is running, it works once or twice, but on the third attempt, the car...
  2. Alexandre Becker

    Ultrasonic sensor to measure water depth

    Hi, I'm developing an ultrasonic sensor to measure the depth of the sludge in large tanks. But for now i'm trying to measure water depth. My transducer is the TD40200D, it's recommended 1000vpp supply but it should works fine with 300vpp for my needs. I have no ideia how to start it, does anyone...