triac dimmer

  1. D3ADZ0NE

    How do I build a circuit to dim an AC powered lamp at low light levels

    I have a college group project to build a traffic light using only analog components (no microcontrollers ), my subsection is to design and build the driver unit and a circuit that dims a set of ac lamps by 60% at night. I receive digital signals from a 555 timing circuit. Now, I've managed to...
  2. anjarosz

    Soft start using triac

    Hi everyone, I want to develop a soft start system for the receiver. In real system, it is a power supply in the laboratory with a variable resistance value - hence programming the resistance R3 as a variable value determined by the voltage source. The system to perform a soft start for the...
  3. Bassem Faris

    How to Design a dimmer that don't depend on the load's resistance

    Hi all I have an angle grinder which have Maximum power of 950 watt And my country provide 220 volt as voltage source But it have one speed and i want to make a dimmer to control its speed. I used this circuit but it provides at least 130 VAC It make the machine rotate so fast How can i make...
  4. O

    Triac BTA208S600D, BTA208S600F blinking or working unstable

    Hello! Please help me validate the electrical design and the set of the components. The goal is to create removable modules that could switch the different types of payload: 1. DC MosFET module - switching and PWM of the 9-56V with 4A 2. AC MosFET module - switching and dimming (front and...
  5. B

    Zero cross detection in two wire dimming circuit

    230v, 50Hz, two wires dimming circuit. Zero cross and phase angle are fine, but when triac is fired, due to missing neutral, and due to mains sine wave chopped by the phase control, then zero crossed is messed and the bulb goes disco blinking. If I power the circuit from separate mains source...
  6. farzad latifeh

    TRIAC Dimmer troubleshooting

    I made a TRIAC dimmer circuit using this reference, it works very smoothly without snaps-on, but the C1 timing cap. has to be 100nF exactly, if it turns below some points like 85nF, then the lowest point of POT cannot turn off the TRIAC perfectly, for instance, in my work, I bought some 100nF...