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    Flyback transformer's driver's mosfet wires heating up

    Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a high voltage power supply with a flyback transformer, IRFZ44N and a 220 Ohm resistor. (200 ohm in the diagram should be 220 Ohm ) Here's my schematic. My problem is that the wires connected to drain and source of the mosfet becomes burning hot and melt the...
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    Burned step down transformer 220v to 110v

    Hello, I have bought a Wii console with a non working power adapter. After checking out the adapter I found that the issue was that it has a 120v input and probably was plugged in a 220v. To fix it, I replaced a Varistor, a Fuse and a 200v 180uf Capacitor. The power adapter is rated at 120v and...

    Question about transformer.

    Hi . I recently acquired a 250vac 240v to 24v transformer. Which i am going to use for a project. Just want to confirm my numbers are right. 3 things. 1)That @24v the maxium i can draw is 10a. 2) 24×10= 240watts. Would a 1a fuse on the 240v side do as suitable protection. 3) As i have a earth...