1. MrsssSu

    PNP transistor to amplify square wave signal received at its base

    Above is the load power Hi People, I created this npn transistor circuit and it works fine. So basically, it receives this square wave impulse (0 to 2V) and send it to the 10 Ohm(Load) to be amplified to become (0 to 10V). Question: How to simulate the same way (Load Power Output should be...
  2. VT91

    Ionizer to collect mushroom spores.

    Hello. I have the opportunity to experiment with various permaculture systems. Recently, I started growing Shiitake mushrooms on the small scale. Since contamination is a challenge for mushroom farmers, I started thinking if there is a way to pull spores and other contaminants out of the air...
  3. H

    Low AC Current Sensor Circuit (current sensor)

    I am having issues finding a Variable current sensor switch that will precisely sense within the AC current ranges of 0-1 Amps (Test Range 0.001-0.2 Amps). Once the range of (0.001-0.2A) is sensed, I would like to trigger an alarm. Any suggestions on what I could use to sense such low AC currents?
  4. Enrique Garcia Mainieri

    Low Voltage Signal T/R switch

    Hello Forum, I am designing an Ultrasonic Reciever and Transmitter circuit, in which the Reciever and Transmitter Transducers are connected with the same cables. That means that the Excitation signal and the Received signal will be transported by the same medium. The Excitation signal is a...