1. J

    Not able to operate buck-boost converter.

    Greetings, I am facing issue with TPS61240 as a buck-boost converter. I am using TP4056 to charge the battery and DW01 (and FS8205) to protect the battery by referring this blog. Also, note that I want to operate the other module; due to this I am using this below shown circuit to high/low...
  2. C

    Charging 440 mah lipo battery with tp4056 module is OK?

    I have a tp4056 li battery charger and I ordered a 440 mah lipo battery. Is it OK to chare battery with this or will be the current too much for battery? Do I need to modify module?
  3. bmbouter

    DW01A in overdischarge protection mode and TP4056 won't start charging it

    My lipo battery is hard-wired into my circuit. The battery itself has a DW01A battery protection IC on it. Here's what I see happen. * The circuit running on battery power (no USB) runs its voltage down to 2.4 V when the overdischarge protection kicks in. The BAT+ and GND in my schematic at...
  4. P

    AA Battery Charger using TP4056

    Hello, I'm trying to build a AA rechargeable battery charger. Targeted battery is duracell 1300mAh-1.2V and the board is TP4056. The board produces 4.12V ~ 4.2V and 1AMP output. I need to step down the voltage to 1.2 V. Board manufacturer suggested to change Rprog resistor R3 if you want to...
  5. F

    DW01A on pcb and integrated on lipo: double charging protection ... will it still work?

    I've designed a circuit around the tp4056 with DW01A and FS8205A included, as well as load sharing capabilities. beneath circuit is what i use (minus load sharing) now that i'm sourcing lipo batteries, i see most of them have a protection circuit already build in with the same DW01A and...
  6. E

    Charge two 18650 using single tp4056

    I have two 18650 batteries to charge using TP4056. I have seen in at many posts like people are using individual tp4056 charging module for each 18650 battery and also observed like some are using single module to charge two 18650 battery. Is it fine to use single tp4056 charger circuit to...
  7. E

    Outdoor LED / Solar panel / Battery Charger Design

    I'm working on an outdoor LED lighting project. It just basically works as a motion detection light (turns on when movement is picked up through a PIR sensor). The amount of LEDs I want to use brings the power consumption to 7.2W (12V, 600mA), but the LEDs will only stay on for 20 seconds per...
  8. danrover

    TP4056: Disconnect load while charging and avoid battery discharge below 3v

    Hello everyone. I would be very grateful if you can help me with this circuit I am working on (sch.png). It consists of a TP4056 charger connected to a 3.7v/3Ah Lithium Ion battery to supply a low battery level indicator and a load (a block of white leds and two fans), through a MT3608 Step Up...
  9. G

    Li-ion cell charging module resistor selection?

    Greetings. A vendor selling TP4056-based 5 V charging modules for Li-ion cells specified the following resistance values and resulting current for selecting the current-programming resistor: R (kΩ) I (mA) 30 50 20 70 10 130 5 250 4...
  10. Theo_KVA

    Solar charging multiple 18650 Li-on cells with TP4056?

    Hi everyone, I plan to build a high capacity 3.7V/5V solar charging powerbank (something like 10-15ah). I’m going to use modules of TP4056 breakout board each coupled with two 18650 cells in parrallel. But I was wondering what would it need to charge two or three of these TP4056 modules with a...