1. U

    Celestion A6S Search for a diagram or service manual

    The subwoofer formally works, but when the level increases, an unpleasant, inadequate sound appears. These are definitely not speakers, I checked them on another device. No body vibration. The oscilloscope shows that the final stage does not have enough power. This subwoofer uses a tracking...
  2. LowVoltage92

    Help - Add Optical/Aux input to Sony Wireless Subwoofer

    I have an old Sony Blu-ray Disc/DVD Home Theatre System which is composed by a Blu-ray disc player, which no longer works, and a Subwoofer with its speakers. The subwoofer only has an input for a Sony wireless transceiver card (the other one was on the blu ray player) and 2 output for the...
  3. Dominator008

    Creative Inspire T3030 Subwoofer No Sound

    Hi, I have a Creative Inspire T3030 2.1 speaker system of which the subwoofer isn't working. The two satellite speakers and volume control are working, as well as the headphone jack. Very unfortunately there is no schematic for this particular product online. The only references are schematics...