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    HDMI output from STM32

    Hey everyone...a basic issue How can i get hdmi output from stm32? Do they have hdmi output themselves? if not what should i do?
  2. L

    Testing ov5640 with STM32F407DISC always gets a DCMI_FLAG_ERRRI

    My DCMI setting is as follow: hdcmi.Instance = DCMI; hdcmi.Init.SynchroMode = DCMI_SYNCHRO_HARDWARE; hdcmi.Init.PCKPolarity = DCMI_PCKPOLARITY_RISING; hdcmi.Init.VSPolarity = DCMI_VSPOLARITY_HIGH; hdcmi.Init.HSPolarity = DCMI_HSPOLARITY_LOW; hdcmi.Init.CaptureRate =...
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    STM32F4 - Radiolink SE100 GPS

    Hi. I am using STM32F407VGT6 this one and RadioLink SE100 GPS. I am trying to get $GNGGA data via USART and displaying it in putty terminal. I am able to get and print data. After 3-4 minutes gps sensor led is blinking but no data is printed on terminal. /* USER CODE BEGIN Header */ /**...