1. S

    PC Stereo Mic in TRS circuits

    Does any have any circuits of what is sometimes a stereo mic input on a PC that I presume is L/R/Gnd on the 3.5mm jack that you. Also on some recorders you get a similar arrangement with '3v phantom power' mics. I presume the bias resistor and dc decoupling capacitor are not mic side but pc...
  2. S

    Remove Volume Control from Creative Inspire 2400 Speakers

    Hello all, I sort of hyjacked another thread so I thought I should start a new one for my problem specifically. I have an old Creative Inspire 2400 2.1 channel speakers for my pc but the volume control pot went out. I opened the volume control and it looks to be a standard 6 pin pot. A wire...
  3. macsaba

    Car radio with external bluetooth module only mono

    Hi! I have a 6006E CD RDS EON car radio and I build Bluetooth function into it. There are two 0R resistors in the wires from the radio module to the mixer module (it mixes the signal from the radio receiver and CD player and does a lot of stuff, which I don't know about). I removed these...