stepper motor

  1. sforsandeep

    Best Motor (or approach) for building custom Luggage Trolley controlled by arduino

    As a hobbyist I am trying to build a luggage trolley looks similar to this Its motorized and can carry a human and its capable of moving a payload upto 150kg on flat surface or sometimes a slop of 15 degree. Its movement is controlled by arduino. Please suggest a good motor or mechanism for...
  2. A

    Why does my stepper motor stop rising when I make diagonal movements?

    Hello, I am new to stepper motors and am having a problem. I have a machine that operates in all three directions (X, Y and Z) and has motors. When I do linear movements (one after another) everything goes well I reach a fairly high speed and I am able to lift my load. However, when I want to...
  3. Adamelli

    Do internal-FET stepper motor drivers similar to DVR8825 with higher current exist?

    The DVR8825 has 1.5 A/phase. The form factor is small (0.6" x 0.8"). However, for the required current, the chip overheats at 24 V. (I am told I need to design for 24 V supply.) It seems anything around 4 A has a large form factor (e.g., DVR6575 is about 2" x 4"). They also cost significantly...
  4. Moaz Rao

    suggestions for tb6600 stepper motor driver.

    i am working on a project in which i have to control a stepper motor. earlier i was using L298n motor driver. it was working well until the stepper motor goes for holding. as it draws the maximum current which ultimately fry the driver module. now i'm upgrading my project to new driver i search...
  5. M

    Stepper Motors not moving with code

    Hi Everyone! I'm currently trying to assemble a CNC tool, right now I have a bit of an issue. My stepper motors won't move backwards when I use code (Mach3) when I run the jog mode in Mach3 the easily run CW and CCW, but when I load a code they move just one way and if the code orders em to go...
  6. S

    Help in creating a system to control a stepper motor + drive manually, to move a machine on rails linearly

    Hey everyone! A rookie here. I want to create a system that allows manual controlling of a stepper motor + drive to move a machine mounted on a leadscrew that moves linearly. Basically move the machine back and forth using switches. So far I have found the specs for the stepper motor and the...