stepper motor

  1. X

    The Right Way to Connect Stepper Motor

    Hi, Recently, I would like to try a project with multiple stepper motors. I am trying to connect the stepper motor as shown in the diagram. The stepper motor driver used is Pololu DRV8825 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier.
  2. R

    shaft rotation detection

    Hi, I am trying to understand what sensor I would need to use if I have a plate that is mounted around a shaft where the shaft turns independent of the plate. There is one motor that will rotate the shaft in either direction and another motor that will rotate the plate. When the shaft rotates I...
  3. R

    2 stepper motors simultaneously on rpi pico (micropython)

    I am trying to get 2 stepper motors to run at 2 seperate (and changing) speeds on a rpi pico. the pico will also be doing other things (like reading inputs) along side this. the only way I know to control the speed of a motor is using the time.sleep (see code below function between pulses...
  4. R

    Stepper Motor Rotor Diameter

    Hello! Are there any blueprints available? Looking for a stepper motor with about 10mm rotor diameter. Thank you.
  5. P

    Will opening Stepper Motor leads damage the driver?

    Greetings! Stupid question. I'm using a stepper motor to drive a teeter-totter for a Halloween decoration. My wife wants it to start up on motion. The driver I have returns to "off" on re-energization, so I'm planning on leaving the driver on and set to speed and using a motion detector to...
  6. -live wire-

    Help controlling multiple nema23 stepper motors with esp32 and motor drivers

    Hi, This probably isn't super complicated but I have to control 3 stepper motors simultaneously with an esp32 for part of a robotic arm. These are the nema 23 stepper motors I am using, they are normal open loop 4 wire stepper motors. These are the motor drivers I am using. One pin tells...
  7. B

    Scaling filter capacity for stepper driver

    In the datasheet of the TMC5130 (and that of other driver ICs), Trinamic recommends to use a low ESR filter capacitor of 100uF for filtering the power supply in order to cope with the current ripple caused by chopper operation. Can the capacity be scaled down (when space is limited) when using a...
  8. Answerzzz

    How to translate a connection (Step Motor Driver)?

    I am following this connection to get a driver to an Arduino and a step motor. The original connection is this: Green wire --> Step Blue wire --> DIR Red wire --> +5V My driver, However, has different pins. How can I connect to my driver? My driver:
  9. A

    Stepper motor torque constant measurement

    Hi, I have an MST342C02 stepper motor (200 step/rev and 4 phases) with SMD42C2 Driver. I have a converter which gives 48VDC 12.5A from 110VAC. I have Teensy 4.1 as the microcontroller and using Accelstepper library. The motor is connected Bipolar Parallel. Some of the specs are as follows...
  10. M

    555 timer frequency

    I have a steeper motor that needs a slower step-pulse to get it moving then a faster pulse to increase speed. It needs to start at 1.25hz then increase to 10 hz in a short amount of time. The 555 circuit will be powered on with a trigger limit switch. Then unenergized once the stepper motor...
  11. sforsandeep

    Best Motor (or approach) for building custom Luggage Trolley controlled by arduino

    As a hobbyist I am trying to build a luggage trolley looks similar to this Its motorized and can carry a human and its capable of moving a payload upto 150kg on flat surface or sometimes a slop of 15 degree. Its movement is controlled by arduino. Please suggest a good motor or mechanism for...
  12. A

    Why does my stepper motor stop rising when I make diagonal movements?

    Hello, I am new to stepper motors and am having a problem. I have a machine that operates in all three directions (X, Y and Z) and has motors. When I do linear movements (one after another) everything goes well I reach a fairly high speed and I am able to lift my load. However, when I want to...
  13. Adamelli

    Do internal-FET stepper motor drivers similar to DVR8825 with higher current exist?

    The DVR8825 has 1.5 A/phase. The form factor is small (0.6" x 0.8"). However, for the required current, the chip overheats at 24 V. (I am told I need to design for 24 V supply.) It seems anything around 4 A has a large form factor (e.g., DVR6575 is about 2" x 4"). They also cost significantly...
  14. Moaz Rao

    suggestions for tb6600 stepper motor driver.

    i am working on a project in which i have to control a stepper motor. earlier i was using L298n motor driver. it was working well until the stepper motor goes for holding. as it draws the maximum current which ultimately fry the driver module. now i'm upgrading my project to new driver i search...
  15. M

    Stepper Motors not moving with code

    Hi Everyone! I'm currently trying to assemble a CNC tool, right now I have a bit of an issue. My stepper motors won't move backwards when I use code (Mach3) when I run the jog mode in Mach3 the easily run CW and CCW, but when I load a code they move just one way and if the code orders em to go...
  16. S

    Help in creating a system to control a stepper motor + drive manually, to move a machine on rails linearly

    Hey everyone! A rookie here. I want to create a system that allows manual controlling of a stepper motor + drive to move a machine mounted on a leadscrew that moves linearly. Basically move the machine back and forth using switches. So far I have found the specs for the stepper motor and the...