stepper driver

  1. Adamelli

    Any application footprints or design blocks (in EAGLE) of the TMC2209? Datasheet page 79: I'm only able to find CAD files for System Capture, OrCAD and KiCAD for the evaluation version:
  2. P

    Will opening Stepper Motor leads damage the driver?

    Greetings! Stupid question. I'm using a stepper motor to drive a teeter-totter for a Halloween decoration. My wife wants it to start up on motion. The driver I have returns to "off" on re-energization, so I'm planning on leaving the driver on and set to speed and using a motion detector to...
  3. -live wire-

    Help controlling multiple nema23 stepper motors with esp32 and motor drivers

    Hi, This probably isn't super complicated but I have to control 3 stepper motors simultaneously with an esp32 for part of a robotic arm. These are the nema 23 stepper motors I am using, they are normal open loop 4 wire stepper motors. These are the motor drivers I am using. One pin tells...
  4. B

    Scaling filter capacity for stepper driver

    In the datasheet of the TMC5130 (and that of other driver ICs), Trinamic recommends to use a low ESR filter capacitor of 100uF for filtering the power supply in order to cope with the current ripple caused by chopper operation. Can the capacity be scaled down (when space is limited) when using a...
  5. J

    Noise reduction connecting PCB to USB

    Hi! After producing multiple different PCB designs of a board for controlling a stepper motor, I noticed something that I cannot explain. The boards are in general powered through 12 volts, then a voltage regulator brings the voltage from 12 to 5 V and another one from 5 to 3.3 V. Stepper...