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  1. J

    RZ12A V3 portable speaker not charging correctly and sounding distorted

    I am trying to figure out why this portable speaker is sounding distorted even when plugged into the wall. My initial feeling is that its related to the 12v charging circuit but I may be wrong. The speaker was sitting from 2017 in a box and I opened it a few months ago. I tested it and straight...
  2. sm33.velraja

    Creative t6060 bypass the controll switch

    Hi, i need your help to fix my creative t6060 it has 9 pin din connector need to bypass as the controller is broken. I need advice to bypass it. The controller does following things on and off , volume control, subwoofer bass control, Aux in and headphone output connector.
  3. S

    Help bypassing volume pentiometer on creative Itrigue 3600 control

    Hello, My speakers finally cut out on me, it seemed to be the volume switch from constant wiggle tests. Read on the forum here for another model that you can bypass the volume switch altogether which I'm hoping will return function to the speakers. I really have no knowledge/experience in...
  4. S

    Remove Volume Control from Creative Inspire 2400 Speakers

    Hello all, I sort of hyjacked another thread so I thought I should start a new one for my problem specifically. I have an old Creative Inspire 2400 2.1 channel speakers for my pc but the volume control pot went out. I opened the volume control and it looks to be a standard 6 pin pot. A wire...
  5. #12

    Speaker attenuator AKA Power Soak

    A musician wants to play his amplifier at rather high volume to get the sound of distortion as he likes it, but not annoy the neighbors. In math, that resembles changing 106db to less than 70db for a minimum range of 36db SPL. Retail power attenuators are designed to smoothly attenuate from...