short circuit

  1. H

    DSO 138 oscilloscope - 3.3V shorted to ground

    Hello, I bought a pre-soldered DSO138 and it worked when I started it for the first time. But soon after the screen went only white and the LED isn't doing anything, which means the MCU isn't working. Also U5 (78L05) gets really hot, which led me to thinking something is off with the 3.3V line...
  2. shaggy77

    searching chip for airconditioner

    The broken PCB is the small one on the front of the A/C which accepts input from the infrared remote control. It also has a physical power button on this PCB which turns the unit on and off with no options. From the display output on the LED number display on this PCB, it shows the same two...
  3. C

    Branch protection circuit breakers

    I was looking at the FAZ-NA line of circuit breakers by Eaton, and I was wondering if the capability of these to provide short-circuit interruption and thermal overcurrent protection removes the need of an overload relay. It seemed strange that these branch protectors were so much cheaper than...