short circuit

  1. BrokenPin

    why there is a continuity between 3.3V rail and GND?

    Howdy, I have the EVAL_4kVA_230VAC_5LINV 5-level active neutral-point-clamped flying capacitor (ANPC-FC) inverter evaluation board at my university. When I tried to use it I found out that there is a partial short (low impedance ) between the 3.3V rail and the ground in the control board like...
  2. solivagant56

    No power supply in laptop.

    Here's what I know so far. The AC adapter is fine, the DC jack in laptop is fine. The battery is fine as well. The issue I am facing is that the battery would stop charging in between and the system would keep switching back and forth from DC to AC and then DC again and then would finally turn...
  3. Chaotic Awesome

    Deliberately frying a micro SD card?

    I have a problem... I bought a 1tb microSD memory card for my phone which wasn't particularly cheap and after loading about 200gb of my personal photos, videos, documents and such, it started slowing the phone down and eventually went into read only mode. Anyway long story short, it is dead and...
  4. A

    [Electrical Power Systems] Help with Thevenin Equivalent Circuit Positive Sequence

    Hello, new forum member here, I am studying the calculations of short circuits in different electrical power systems at the institute, I have solved different types and in general I have no problems with the calculations, but sometimes there are exercises that are more complex like the one that...
  5. E

    Inverting Boost Converter that Short Circuits?

    Hello, I have an inverting boost converter which is giving me some difficulty. It can be found on pages 1 and 3 of the PDF attached (the non inverting works fine). This inverting boost converter should (and has in prototype) produced -100V - 0V without any difficulty. All control signals are...
  6. NatGazer

    Strange Short Circuit

    Can someone explain me how a 60V 5A power supply can generate that super hot arc (second circuit in the video)? I made the video, and no, there's no hack here, I'm just trying to understand what's going on.
  7. Jorne

    AC adapter broken after repairing cable [solved]

    Hello, I had an old AC adapter (230V AC to 14V DC). There was a small part where the insulation of the cable was damaged. You could see the copper coming through. So, I cut the damaged part away, soldered the wires back together, and insulated them with heat shrinks. However, when I then tested...
  8. H

    DSO 138 oscilloscope - 3.3V shorted to ground

    Hello, I bought a pre-soldered DSO138 and it worked when I started it for the first time. But soon after the screen went only white and the LED isn't doing anything, which means the MCU isn't working. Also U5 (78L05) gets really hot, which led me to thinking something is off with the 3.3V line...
  9. shaggy77

    searching chip for airconditioner

    The broken PCB is the small one on the front of the A/C which accepts input from the infrared remote control. It also has a physical power button on this PCB which turns the unit on and off with no options. From the display output on the LED number display on this PCB, it shows the same two...
  10. C

    Branch protection circuit breakers

    I was looking at the FAZ-NA line of circuit breakers by Eaton, and I was wondering if the capability of these to provide short-circuit interruption and thermal overcurrent protection removes the need of an overload relay. It seemed strange that these branch protectors were so much cheaper than...