1. Shamoooot

    3-phase transformer intermittently shorts (or saturates) and intermittently hums loudly and intermittently stops giving output voltage

    Hello I have this problem as mentioned in the subject, which happens when I connect the transformer to a " 3-phase full wave controlled bridge rectifier ". I have a fully controlled bridge rectifier board of (TYN812RG) thyristors, and I want to trigger it through some firing board which I am...
  2. R

    Need your advices on how can I estimate the voltage at the terminals the thyristor switch

    I am working on a static transfer switch which aim is to allow supplying a load with 2 different sources in order to have a redundancy when feeding the load. The head to tail assembly allow the current to flow in 2 directions (for each alternative of the input current) The working condition is...
  3. Rahulk70

    Is this component an SCR?

    Hello, Found this circuit board from an 1980s old humidity controlled chamber. This definitely looks like a temperature regulator of some sort. It has a M logo which means made by Motorola. It has the labels E03G-3-9 and 8739. Does anyone have any info on what this part is? Thanks in advance.