rlc circuit

  1. teddy05p

    Parallel RLC circuit issue

    I have been struggling with this issue: https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/647796/why-doesnt-the-voltage-at-the-resonance-frequency-go-above-the-input-frequency Does anyone have an idea why that is the case
  2. S

    Parallel RLC Circuits in complex notation

    Hello all, Doing my HNC in electrical and electronic engineering and just over half way through now, come across this in my latest module and for some reason I can not get my head around it, I'll post the question and my attempts below, any help would be greatly appreciated just to see if I am...
  3. 8

    Gate Driver vs Opamp

    Hello, I build an RLC circuit using the MCP1402 as a gate driver. At resonance the MCP1402 will drive a 20 ohms load (plus 3 ohms which is the DCR of the coil). Unfortunately the MCP1402 has around 12 ohms output impedance (according to this) and so it cannot drive the load effectively. A more...
  4. F

    ESR variation of photoflash capacitors placed in series RLC discharge circuit

    Hi, I plan to design a series RLC discharge circuit as shown: Taking into account component parasitics, the actual circuit resembles the following: where: 'R' = capacitor ESR + load resistance + inductor ESR, 'L' = capacitor ESL + load inductance ≈ load inductance According to online...