1. PowerSayan

    Two Switch Forward converter with transient spikes on gate to source voltage

    Good day everyone, so I have a problem with my two switch forward converter. As soon as the current increases at the input from around 200mA a transient/spike starts appears at both the turn-on and turn-off of Vgs. The higher I go and push it the bigger the spikes ultimately get, which is...
  2. K

    Ringing significantly reduced after decreasing the length of the transmission line

    I have the simulation setup as below. A source of data generator with source impedance 35 Ohm. DataRate 5 GHz with rise and fall time specified as below. The characteristic impedance of the line is 60 in this setup which matches the 60 Ohm load impedance. The result voltage at node "V" is...
  3. M

    Make a ringing phone sound

    I would like to push a button and make a sound like an old phone ringing
  4. H

    Ringing on inductor current waveform (buck converter)

    Hi guys! I'm working with the power stage for a buck converter, but when I did some measures with the scope I saw thet my inductor current waveform has a thing that I think are ringing spikes. Of course this is not a perfect triangular wave like in simulations hahaha. Background: The green...
  5. mva007

    Ripples in square wave output of LM7171 high speed OpAmp.

    I am trying to change the voltage level of a 10MHz clock signal. For this I am using LM7171 as a non-inverting summing amplifier, to DC shift the input signal, with some positive gain to reach the required voltage levels. The circuit has been soldered on a general purpose PCB and is operating at...