1. tobias111888

    Resistive network with two voltage sources

    ### *Update: (I updated the description/Question for clarity)* I am currently stuck trying to solve a seemingly simple resistive network. The voltages U1 and U2, aswell as Rr are known. The unknown components are the resistances R1, R2, R3. The dotted resistances "Rr" can be added or removed as...
  2. T

    help, right equation to calculate a resistive circuit?

    I have reading started reading the book : Ten Essential Skills for Electrical Engineers by BARRY L.DORR. in the first chapter : How to design resistive circuit. int the proposed exercise 1.2 where I am stuck. I have assumed that the Voffset=VA is 5*3.3/8=2.0625V for Vs=0, to make my calculation...
  3. JDuffy93

    Automatic adjustment of resistance

    Hi I have a design requirement and are having an issue of designing a method to achieve it I have resistive elements that change with temperature and generally start with slightly different resistances in any case, what i need to achieve is a way to balance the resistances or a method to...