1. J

    Three phase controlled rectifier for unusual battery charging application

    Hi, I'm building an engine driven generator to charge a 48V 300Ah LiFePO4 battery bank. The generator will output three phase power at 90 Vac line-to-line, 170 Hz. Electrical output power will be about 10kW at best efficiency point. I'm looking at options for how best to use this output to...
  2. Younes Thabet

    What type of multi-level input filter is used in a 3-phase 30KW vienna PFC?

    Hello all, I have been checking this 30 kW Vienna PFC rectifier reference design and didn't understand why all of these filters are used for this kind of application, i mean half of the board is inductors and capacitors for the filters. Can someone explain what type of filters are used? and...
  3. Shamoooot

    3-phase transformer intermittently shorts (or saturates) and intermittently hums loudly and intermittently stops giving output voltage

    Hello I have this problem as mentioned in the subject, which happens when I connect the transformer to a " 3-phase full wave controlled bridge rectifier ". I have a fully controlled bridge rectifier board of (TYN812RG) thyristors, and I want to trigger it through some firing board which I am...
  4. AverageMoss

    Full-wave rectifier circuit showing half-wave rectification on oscilloscope?

    I'm new to electronics and decided to learn something new by trying to put together a small rectifier circuit that converts 24VAC to DC. So I put together a little full-wave rectifier circuit that consists of four diodes and an LED and ran into an issue when I tried to measure the DC output...
  5. AverageMoss

    How to detect 24VAC as 5VDC input for microcontroller?

    Hello, I'm working on a little side project for my home thermostat. I recently bought a nest smart thermostat to replace my old "dumb" thermostat and ran into an issue with the wires. I don't have enough wires to accommodate all of the thermostat functions. Running new wiring is not an option...
  6. S

    Why do car alternators need stators and rectifiers with 4 terminals and then use only 3 of them?

    i have taken on the project of refurbishing my own car alternators which died on me over the years. all these alternators are compatible with 1990 mitsubishi eclipse and come in 65/75/90 Amp configurations. as seen in the attached pictures, some stators come with 3 single wire windings and...
  7. M

    Convert 120v AC to -5v DC

    I have a device that runs on -5v DC but I only have 120V AC. I need to build a power supply that can convert 120v AC to -5v DC. I need to draw the best power supple and indicate the wave form at each stage.
  8. genekuli

    help, why does my 20kV diode keep burning up

    input is 15kV 15ma (as is on attached picture) going into capacitor bank diode is a Single Phase high-voltage diode rectifier silicon reactor Model: PRHVP 2A-20 (HVP 20 HVP2A-20) 2A20KV Size: 18 x 19 x 75mm (Height * Width * Length ) Operating Temperature: -40 ° C ~ + 175 ° C
  9. S

    Controlled Rectification Design Problem

    Good day, I have a design problem I need to complete. Unfortunately it has been a long while since I have done a design in that area. I need help with this design.
  10. 8

    Purpose of a rectifier in a positive oscillating circuit

    Hello, I found a circuit (transmitter) design that would create an oscillating magnetic field. Another circuit (receiver) would pick the induced voltage up and amplify it. Now as I understand it, the oscillating part has only positive voltage. But in the receiver part they use a recitfier. Why...
  11. Đorđe Jocić

    5V Adapter

    Hello guys, how are you all doing? During the past few months I've been going through the Textbooks AAC has published, experimenting with some minor circuits and even PIC microcontrollers. I've learned a lot during the process and decided to do something a bit more challenging - make a basic...