power factor

  1. florian_1034

    Power factor of a SMPS

    Hello everyone, I have a problem with understanding the power factor of a switch mode power supply. More specifically, a phone charger. So it all started with me trying to measure the efficiency of my phone charger. I just measured the voltage, then the current after loading the charger at...
  2. H

    Does a 3-phase phase-locked loop diagram possible for an AC to DC battery charger?

    Hi there, In order to achieve unity power factor control, the phase of the AC voltage needs to be obtained. The phase is obtained through a phase-locked loop (PLL). Take a look for single phase control structure of the PLL , For such similar way I want to mention some of 3-phase equations...
  3. Lambo Av

    Star-connected, 3-phase, synchronous generator with armature resistance, reactance, leakage resistance. Calculate rated load and unity power factor

    If a 100 KVA star-connected 400 V three-phase, 60 Hz synchronous generator with armature resistance 0.35Ω/phase and 3.5Ω reactance and leakage resistance given is 1Ω/phase. Calculate at rated load and unity power factor at i) No load e.m.f ii) Internal e.m.f. iii) percentage of regulation at...
  4. S

    Charging & Powering Board Design

    Hi, I am looking to power a attiny85 with a LiPo battery, but I would like to have the ability to charge it through the same board. At the moment I am looking at the TP4056 with the FS312F-G and FS8250. So my question is, can I connect the battery to the attiny85 through the battery charger...
  5. C

    Calculation of power factor in a RLC-circuit

    Hello, I got a homework exercise about the calculation of the power factor in a RL-circuit and in a RLC-circuit. The question consists of 3 sub questions, I have managed to calculate the first 2 however I am struggling with the third one. For the calculation of the third question, the other 2...