1. P

    How PFC responds to Load power demand in SMPS (flyback) converter

    I tried to understand PFC in an SMPS voltage converter. I read from many websites but still confused very much about the following things. Situation: it’s an SMPS flyback (for example) converter, to output (for example) 24v dc to an inductive load of 100W (average). Input 230v AC mains 50Hz...
  2. kamranM

    Start-up and steady-state models of microcontroller

    I've been looking at UCC28C43 models provided by TI. Why do we need two different Spice models such as "Transient steady-state" & "transient start-up" for MOSFET driver IC? How do we use them? When do we need these analyses? Do all microcontrollers in power electronics have such separate models...