1. onezhenji

    How to suppress Gate voltage ringing when I drive a normally on HEMT

    Hi, guys. These days I was doing some HEMT chips testing, here is my test condition: Set drain voltage to 48v const; Sweep gate voltage from -6v to -1v, 251 steps totally(0.02v a step), sweep speed is 1000Hz. Source was set to floating.(which was connected to power supply's sense low). I caught...
  2. R

    What is Cmeu in an npn BJT operating in saturation mode ?

    I know Cmeu is parasitic capacitance in active mode. It's the B-C junction capacitance. But does it change when the npn is operating in saturation mode? Also in general(not just in saturation mode) what happens to Cmeu at increasing Vce? Does it increase? What other things happen to the...