1. S

    Parallel RC Circuit in Feedback Reading Line

    Hi, I'm reviewing an Evalboard datasheet and a parallel rc circuit is used in the feedback line, which I can't understand why, what is the purpose of this structure, whose image I have added below? Datasheet Link: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/user-guide/KT33810UG1.pdf (Page 18)
  2. H

    Wiring 25 LEDs with a PWM Dimmer

    Not usually one for asking questions in forums, as I'm usually able to find solutions with my own research, however, I've been looking at this over a period of days now, and the deeper I dig, the more confused I'm getting.. I'm a Computer Science student, not electronics, so please go easy on me...
  3. I

    Power supply turn off when latching solenoids switches ON?

    I have two 24VDC, 1.54A latching solenoids. I connected them both in parallel with power supply (80V, 80A). But when i turn ON the power supply it immediately turn off. However, when i connect a single latching solenoid with power supply it works fine. Is it necessary to use two power supplies...
  4. C

    Parallel Inverting Summing Amplifiers

    Hello Everyone, To add on to my newbness from yesterday, I have one other part of my design that I am not sure what's going on. I have some suspicions but thought you guys probably could spot it pretty quickly or at least probe at me to look at it differently. I have again attached a setup...
  5. isagollo

    DC Motor in parallel with a Voice Recorder Playback Module

    I’ve build a circuit using 3V(2x 1.5Volts AA battery)connected in parallel with a ISD1820 Voice Recorder Playback Module with Speaker in parallel with a DC Motor and a Red Led. When I turn the circuit on the LED brightness reduces and the recorded audio in the speaker doesn’t play. What should I...
  6. A

    Current dependant load switch, cant solve it passively?

    Hey there, i couldn’t fall asleep trying to solve following scenario: i have two power supplies running 24vdc in parallel, a main and one supplemental power supply. Both are being filtered with capacitors before supplying a single load. Now if one wants to run it, such that the supplemental...
  7. D

    Using MOSFETs to control resistive loads

    Hello everybody! I want to dump energy from some solar panels into heating by using two heating elements (R1 and R2). To maximize the power output from the solar panels I plan to use a microcontroller to change between single heater, series and parallel configurations. Now, I tried to come up...