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    What are some easy ways to block over voltage and regen current from the load to the power supply?

    I have a power supply that automatically shuts off when an over voltage condition occurs. In my case, my load is a DC Brushless 3 phase motor (draws about 600 W) and it's triggering an over voltage condition for the power supply whenever I slow it down. If I don't care about efficiency and I'm...
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    Schottky Diode as overvoltage protection

    At work, they are using this structure to protect an analog pin on a micro-controller from overvoltage. I simulated the circuit and wired it up to test it (physically), but the output is linear in both (which I expected). One engineer at work assures me this works, and that once V5 = V6 + 0.6V...
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    Over voltage input protection

    Hi, I have am designing a sensor that will be powered at 24V, switched through a relay and up to 4m of cable. When switched through a relay I experience an overvoltage of up to 40v due to the high rise time and cable length. The voltage regulator I am to use has a maximum input voltage of 32v...