on off switch

  1. P

    One momentary push button and 4 basic relay to turn on and off a light bulb.

    Hey dear everyone! I am trying to create a circuit that turns on and off. I want to do it with four Omron G2R-1-SN(S) AC 230V Relays and an industrial momentary push button (ELMARK EL2-BW07) I saw a DC circuit online that does this latching and dis-latching to turn on and off an LED but it...
  2. Madaxle

    Understanding wiring of On/Off switch + Potentiometer combination

    I'm in the process of building a Halloween prop using an old 1970's Sony Trinitron TV, and I was hoping to be able to use the original power switch to power my prop, and use the integrated volume control as a dimmer for my LEDs I'm going to wire to it. (Basically I would like to wire an LCD...
  3. Selvedin

    How to make a flashing switch from a Transistor

    Hello guys, I need to make a circuit in which a transistor acts like a flashing switch. I watched some videos but the Problem is that I don't have the exact same components as in the Video shown and so my project fails. Can you help me? Kind regards to all good people