1. S

    NRF24L01P with minimum configurations

    I want to get better on understanding and documenting datasheets, I gave myself a target to setup NRF24L01P without seeing any example code and just by learning from datasheet. As we start things from most simple setup, I planned to setup only two devices, device A as sender (PTX) device B as...
  2. Misieek

    Choosing the design way - nrf24l01 or 433mhz

    Hello guys! I want to trasmit state of three signals through RF (10m distance) - power, fault1, fault2 indicated by leds. Transmitter - powered from 12VDC, receiver - led for each signal indication, battery powered let's say CR2032, or AAA battery or some small li-po. My initial thought was to...
  3. firashelou

    How to stop a timer delay using millis() from executing with NRF24L01 Network (Arduino)

    Hello, what i have in my circuit is 2 push buttons, the first for starting a timer of 3 seconds which then when the timer is done it sends a 1 to the NRF24L01 which turn a relay on for a specific time which is 3 seconds then turn it off by sending 0 to NRF24L01. The second button is reset button...