1. D

    Want to switch between two power sources for car stereo (car battery and solar system)

    I am building a camper van and have a pretty sweet solar system. I just installed a new stereo system (amp, 6 speakers, subwoofer, and head unit) and everything is working great through the car battery like a normal system. My goal is to be able to switch the power source from the car battery to...
  2. O

    Static Electricity Question

    Hello, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, I just made an account now to ask this question in the hopes that someone here can explain this to me. The question is that I just don't understand what's going on in this video: Sorry about the poor audio, but in the video, the paper...
  3. M

    Walmart piano keyboard

    I had purchased a cheap Walmart piano to play around with my music creation and have some options other than bass/guitar. I have been learning oscillator circuits and made my own effect pedal, so when the main chip started acting like it got burned out, I wanted to use the key circuit board...
  4. -Teh-

    Need help with a car amplifier repair

    So I have a car amplifier that was making "farting" noises and I took it apart and noticed why it was doing that. Poor connection My question is how would I go about repairing this properly could I just use a wire and solder it to the broken spots to make a bridge?
  5. o0danny

    Whats your opinion about this Master Degree in Nanoelectronic Systems

    Hi guys, I'm Daniel from Spain, I'm studying a 4 year degree in "Telecomunications" (I learn a lot about electronics, electromagnetical waves and antennas, and networks). I've decided that I'm going deeper into electronics and then go into the "Nanoelectronic Systems" Master Degree in Germany at...