motor driver

  1. OkeiPro

    DIY H-Bridge motor control

    Hello! I am making a steering wheel and pedals for a racing simulator. The steering wheel requires a motor for feedback, and the motor requires a driver. I already ordered a Double BTS7960 driver module from china, but since I want to improve my electrical engineering skills, I decided to try to...
  2. Answerzzz

    How to translate a connection (Step Motor Driver)?

    I am following this connection to get a driver to an Arduino and a step motor. The original connection is this: Green wire --> Step Blue wire --> DIR Red wire --> +5V My driver, However, has different pins. How can I connect to my driver? My driver:
  3. flaviodsilva

    Motor control using MOC3041 optocoupler

    I'm currently doing my master thesis, and I'm now at a point where I have to control a few AC motors with a microcontroller. From my previous study about the subject, and from previous similar thesis, I've noticed a common practice is to use an optocoupler to separate low voltage from high...
  4. C

    Protective elements for powering dc motors

    Hi everyone! I am building a robot that carries a drill to make holes in the ground. I have not been able to find similar size/power references regarding how to power the motors. I would like to know how to protect the battery and motor drivers, my specific questions are: - Where to place...
  5. K

    Mosfet not switching off with solenoid valve.

    I want to switch on a 12V 1A(peak 1.4A) solenoid valve for 0.1-3 seconds(set using a trimpot) and then switch it off. I'm using 555(operating at 5V, triggered by a IR sensor which operates on 5V only) in monostable mode to generate a 0.1-3s pulse, which is fed directly to gate of mosfet(IRF540-...
  6. P

    110AC motor driver using arduino.

    Hello everyone, I am working on a project and don't know where to start. I worked with DC motors before but I haven't worked with AC motors, and I don't have much experience with 110VAC as well. What I have is a motor with 2 sensors. The sensors are used as end of travel switches. I already...