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    Soundboard and Servos (Jurassic Park Model)

    Hello! I recently built a scale model of the Jurassic Park Entrance gates but when I was getting ready to finally be done with it I had the thought I could add a servo or two in order to make the doors automatic. In researching this I decided, well, why don't I add a soundboard and some mini...
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    MLCC Model

    A simple MLCC capacitor model would generally include capacitance, equivalent series resistance ESR, and equivalent series inductance ELS terms. Looking at the Ceramic Capacitor Models models provided by AVX in the SpiMLCC tool both impedance & ESR data is provided as plots and as spice models...
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    LM2940 (5V) LTSpice Model

    A Novice to LTSpice. I'm trying to get the LM2940 into my LTSpice but I don't know where to find it to download or how to import it into LTSpice. Please help and thank you.