mixed signal

  1. T

    sample and hold spectral response?

    Hello everyone, I have issue understanding two conclusion made byDr. Baker in his mixed signal books as shown in page 35 and 36. 1- how can using the convulution yield from euation 2.8 to 2.9 . I applied the convultion to it and I get double summation and not as in equation 2.9! 2-the equation...
  2. Alex_Khan

    The output voltage waveform of the Common Source amplifier with resistive load.

    Hello, I am new to the amplifier designer. In my demodulator circuit, I have designed CS amplifier to shift the DC level of the modulated signal [attached]. Although I got my desired result, but when I decrease the gain of the amplifier by changing the load resistor then I got an irregular...
  3. Pritstift

    RF circuit interface

    Hi I am trying to acquire GPS data and transmit it through an existing RF circuit. The circuit uses frequency multiplication to transmit audio input at 152 - 170 MHz bandwidth. Is it possible to convert GPS data into analog using DAC and feed it into the frequency multiplier circuit? Since the...
  4. J

    How do I manage voltage regulation for variable input

    Hey all! I'm trying to build an LED frequency counter. My input signal is an LED I'm using as a detector recieving from an output LED on my signal generator. I'm using square wave output to emulate pwm and my circuitry is going to process the signal to output a 5v logic output that can be read...