low power consumption

  1. MMM**MMM

    Powering ESP with a Low-Level trigger

    I am in the process of creating a reed switch module for door opening detection, and I am encountering a challenge. The reed switch available to me is a normally open switch, meaning that when the door is closed, the switch will be closed due to the presence of a magnet. As a result, the ESP...
  2. MMM**MMM

    ESP Auto Power Off Circuit

    I have recently simulated the circuit demonstrated in the provided video using Multisim. While the circuit appeared to function correctly in the video, the simulation results indicate that it is not working as intended. The output remains high irrespective of the switch state. The left switch is...
  3. Mojtaba67

    Analog Multiplexer

    Hello every one, I am very beginner. At the moment, I am using an 8 channel relay with power consumption of (5 volt) × (70 mA) = 350 mW. It is intended to find an analog mux with power consumption as low as possible. Could you please introduce me an analog multiplexer with 8 channels. The...