low battery indicator

  1. Rhine400

    12V Low Voltage Alarm/Indicator.

    Hey guys, already got lot of informations out of this forums. THANK YOU FOR THAT. I´m working on little project but can´t best solution. In general I need a simple 12V low batterie alarm (with a low current, cut voltage by potentiometer, 1/60Hz Alarm Tone). I created a circuit with a LM358...
  2. Danirov

    Fail: Low battery indicator blink and dim

    Hi! I would be very grateful if you can help me. I have been building some circuits to turn on a LED when the battery is low (images), but there is a problem: The led dim and blink between the OFF and fully ON state for some minutes. My circuit consumes 0.23A and is supplied by a 3.7v/1400mAh...