1. fujigoata

    LM386 Input filter trouble

    Hello. I am new to electronics and I am trying to complete an LM386 audio amplifier that includes a bandpass filter between 5 and 33 Hz. I know some of the frequencies are outside the frequency range humans can hear. I am testing using a function generator on NI Multisim to get around this. My...
  2. S

    lm386/why this circuit works well with my iphone audio jack but when i connect a mic it makes so much hiss and noise

    as you can see this is the circuit that I made based on lm386N-1 whenever I connect my iPhone (it's a 5s if it makes any difference ) the sounds works great and clean only when I put it to max it has some distortions but when I connect the electret microphone it makes a lot of noise and hissing...