1. Veek

    How do you load a PSpice netlist into LTSpice and run an analysis/generate a schematic?

    So I have this simple resistor divider circuit in PSpice/from a book/NGSpice - how do I load it in LTSpice/Linux/Wine? (I'm reading from SPICE A Guide to Circuit Simulation but I am also reading from Passive Circuit Analysis with LTSpice. The former has the example) I tried manual loading in...
  2. G

    What is required to create a device like Raspberry Pi from scratch?

    Hello everyone! I hope I'm writing to a correct forum. I want to find out what is required to create my own mini computer by myself. I worked with microcontrollers and created some devices based on microcontrollers, but now I would like to go ahead and create my Raspberry-like device. My...
  3. M

    Arduino LibFuse

    Good Morning!! I have a job to do requested by my teacher which is as follows: I need to use the FUSE Library on Linux to mount the SD card on arduino with a file system that I am creating. The problem that all the libraries for sd card access I found were in FAT format, do you have any idea how...