level shifter

  1. mva007

    Ripples in square wave output of LM7171 high speed OpAmp.

    I am trying to change the voltage level of a 10MHz clock signal. For this I am using LM7171 as a non-inverting summing amplifier, to DC shift the input signal, with some positive gain to reach the required voltage levels. The circuit has been soldered on a general purpose PCB and is operating at...
  2. J

    Using Transistor Optocoupler for level shifting

    Hi Im using a NPN Transistor output Optocoupler (Toshiba TLP290) as a level shifter. I have a source squarewave and a constant current chip (20mA) in series to drive the Optocouplers internal LED. The idea is that the constant current chip will allow the optocoupler to be safely and...
  3. E

    MOSFET gate , offset PWM questions

    Hello! A little about me , i haven't formally studied electronics, i do not own or have access to an oscilloscope. I have been researching about MOSFETs to use an IRLZ44N as a switch in a basic boost converter, on the IRLZ44N datasheet Vgs(th) = 1v to 2v, as i undertand this Vgs(th) is the V...