1. P

    Template Code for dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN Starter Kit

    Hello everyone, So I just started working for the first time with the dsPIC33EV 5V CAN-LIN Starter Kit(dsPIC33EV256GM106) and I was trying to write a simple code where I could switch on and off the LED'S on the board so that I could understand better how to work with the kit. After reading the...
  2. P

    Electronics rookie trying to convert broken LED display into skylight

    Hi all New here! I am looking to convert my broken LED display into a skylight, something like DIY Perks youtube videos. I was able to disassemble the display and get the lens layers and broken panel off. But i am unable to figure out exactly how to bypass the signal detection stage of the...
  3. austinstudent

    How do you modulate this as well as draw the circuit?

    Hi there, Not posting this just for the sake someone does it for me, really just unsure how to go about it and would appreciate a detailed explanation for it. Please help if you can, I understand everyone is busy. Just trying to understand this grad level course. 1. If I could get help with...
  4. austinstudent

    How do you design this LED project?

    So I'm not entirely sure how to design this. Could anyone help me with the calculations needed to modulate as well as the circuit design? Please and thanks.