led lighting

  1. S

    HELP! How do I power my LEDs?

    Let me begin by saying that I don’t know a single thing about electronics. I stumbled onto this website in search of an answer for my wiring question, so hopefully you smart people can figure this out. I have three LED strands, red, blue, and green. Each strand ends with red/black bare wires. I...
  2. R

    How to power an old LED lamp via USB

    Disclaimer: I'm not an engineer, just a DIY enthusiast. So I have an cheap old plastic SMD LED desk lamp but its battery and circuit board are missing. I want to turn it into a USB powered lamp for my new apartment but I'm not sure of the best way to power it. It has 31 LEDs and the label on the...
  3. Ron2020

    Wiring Headlight and turn signals for a simpleton

    Greetings, My current project is trying to wire a headlight and two turn signals to a motorbike using a 12v rechargeable battery. There are no existing electrical parts of any kind for lighting aside from what I’m doing currently. Complete custom job. I need advice: What I have is: A switch...
  4. O

    120v G4 counter lighting fixture. halogen to LED.

    I recently decided to switch over to LED, because these halogens use so much power and output so much heat. The fixture is not dimmable. The new LEDs are rated for 120v, 35w equivalent. I replaced all the bulbs in the fixture, turned them on and they were so dim. I turned them off but they...