led dimming

  1. Dan Aronin

    XL6005 understanding the datasheet

    Hi all, a driver circuit needed for lighting a 30W LED* (one color) - I had a look at the XL6005 datasheet and wanted to make sure I understand it properly based on the following diagram**: 1. To drive the LED with 300mA I should make RS = 0.73 ohm (ILed=0.22/0.73=0.3A) 2. To limit the max...
  2. Zack Maness

    Need help designing a power saving circuit for two strings of mixed LEDs. (I don't have a lot of experience designing circuits)

    I made a few Lichtenberg figures and I want to mount them in shadow boxes. I built some LEDs into the box (Three UV along the top and one red on the left under the blue tape) and I am planning on pouring about an inch of epoxy to cover the LEDs and disperse their light. For a power supply, I am...