latching relay

  1. garudaone

    How to generate a short pulse(5~50ms) when a switch is on

    Hi, I have a water level sensor is NO/NC type which will disconnect when water is full and connect when water is empty and I want to send a short pulse when water is full and when it's empty. I have a RF433 module which has 2 keys. If I connect a key to VCC, it'll send a code to its...
  2. B

    PIC programming - Driving a dual coil relay using a latching switch as an input

    Hello there! First of all I want to state that I am an absolute beginner in programming. I am quite experienced in electronics (audio mostly) though, but I never dipped my toes in programming since recently... So, I am trying to implement a PIC microcontroller (PIC 16F676) in one of my designs...