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    Speed measurement of a small DC motor using myDAQ and LabVIEW

    Hey guys I'm trying to measure the speed of a small DC motor using a rotary encoder and an OPTO sensor, and counter input on myDAQ. Here's my circuit on the breadboard. The Collector pin of the transistor is connected to the DIO1 port of the myDAQ. And here's the LabVIEW code. On the...
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    AIM TTI CPX200DP LabVIEW Library

    Hi everyone, I am seeking for a ready to use labview library for AIM TTI CPX200DP Power Source. I could not find any clue on the net and I wanted to to post here. Could you provide a labview library source for the device if you know any. Thanks.
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    What DAQ? device can I use to read a Gear-Tooth Speed sensor?

    Hi I am trying to measure a speed of a rotating shaft that has gears on it for the Hall effect sensor. There will be 3 speed sensors. What device can I use to measure this speed sensor? The sensor produces a pulse with each passing gear tooth which produces a square wave. I figured that if I...
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    Multiplexing channels in Labview

    Hi there! I am working on something similar and would appreciate if you could drop the vi. Much appreciated! Moderator Edit: Thread split off from this: https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/about-function-generator-and-multiplexer.138826/
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    Is python useful for telecom technician ?

    Hello, I'd like to know if python programming skills could be an asset for a telecommunication technician/engineer. Does anybody have some experience with python into the field ? I'm currently studying telecommunication electronics in a College in Montréal, Canada and i hold a diploma in...