1. ikoruh

    Undervolted IR Receivers on Optical Keyboard

    Hi, the top row of my optical keyboard doesn't register keystrokes. I measured the voltage of the IR sensors; the IR receivers on the top row are 1.27 while on the other rows it's 2.79, and all the emitters are the same at 0.05. I don't know much about electronics so any help would be...
  2. M

    Walmart piano keyboard

    I had purchased a cheap Walmart piano to play around with my music creation and have some options other than bass/guitar. I have been learning oscillator circuits and made my own effect pedal, so when the main chip started acting like it got burned out, I wanted to use the key circuit board...
  3. colofofong

    For Sale USB converter for an Apple Newton keyboard

    Turn your Newton keyboard to USB with Apple Newton Keyboard to USB Converter Adapter! Works with major OS like Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  4. Nyxii

    Keyboard problem with shift

    So I've got a problem with my keyboard that is plugged to my laptop. I unscrewed everything and checked the keys, checked the circuit etc, I reached a conclusion where it's the problem with the circuit board/ maybe motherboard. Whenever I press the shift it outputs a "D" and when I press the d...