1. J

    Understanding noise RMS and picking an appropriate current source for Hall probes

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to define the most suitable current source for my application. Essentially, I need a high stability current source to feed Hall probes sensors. The probes' nominal current is 10 mA. A stability of 100 ppm (i.e., 1 uA) for short term (a few hours) is desired. Usually, I...
  2. P

    AD620 output diamond plot and some questions

    Hello I have the circuit shown i this white board picture As you see, my single rail power supply is 9V and i get a 1V output for a sinusoidal 10mV input, at gain of 100,as expected.( the gain resistor is not 1k as is shown in drawing, but 530 ohm) Notice the input signal has no Vcm (common...
  3. Emad2017

    How Can I submit a novel patentable design idea to a company?

    Hi there, Recently, I have designed a new charge amplifier than can be used to implement a precision and low-cost interface for piezoelectric sensors. I have published an article about the novel proposed circuit in IEEE Sensors Journal. ( A brief information about the new proposed circuit has...