instrumental amplifier

  1. D

    Instrumentation Amplifier

    Hi, I am hoping I may be able to get some guidance and or ideas in identifying a problem I have with an instrumentation amplifier I have designed. I have simulated the design in Circuit Lab, however I am not getting the expected output as desired during a DC sweep. Essentially, I have a voltage...
  2. JohnSnow16041992

    100K preset with AD620 instrumentation amplifier good idea or bad?

    So I am planning to use an AD620 instrumentation amplifier in my circuit. The gain formula is G = 1+(49.4KOhm/Rg), Rg being the deciding resistance value. By that logic if a 100K preset or Pot is set to zero, Gain attempted is (∞ + 1), which besides being impossible is also way above the 10000...
  3. H

    Instrumental amplifier INA128 muscle sensor designing

    Hi, I am working on INA128 instrumental amplifiers for taking the signal from forearm muscle. I am operating on 5v single power supply to power up the INA128. I am dividing these 5v into two voltages with respect to 2.5 reference voltage(5v to 2.5v and 2.5v to 0v). The maximum rail is 5v and...